Zwack Slivovitz Plum Brandy

SKU : 14125

Size : 750 ml

Type : Brandy

Producer : Zwack

Tags: Hungary, Spirits


Zwack contains more than 40 herbs and is aged in oak casks aged for at least 6 months. It has a dark amber color and smells of herbs and citrus. It can be served as an appertif or a digestif. Although the Unicum is no longer available, this liqueur should help you get through your craving for the most celebrated herbal liqueur and the Hungarian national drink.


Food Pairings:
It is a dessert liqueur, which makes an excellent ingredient in cocktails. Mixed with rum it is very popular in Hungary. Served on the rocks with a few drops of lemon juice added, it is a superb drink to satisfy every taste.


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