Valentín Bianchi Syrah San Rafael Elsa 2009

SKU : 57984

Size : 750 ml

Vintage : 2009

Type : Syrah

Producer : Valentín Bianchi

Tags: Argentina, Red Wine, Vintage Clearance


The grapes for this single-vineyard wine come from Valentin Bianchi's Dona Elsa Estate of 140 hectares, situated in Rama Caida, San Rafael, Mendoza, around 760 meters above sea level. One of the coolest areas in San Rafael, the soil in Rama Caida is of sandy calcareous composition and alluvial origins. Hand-picked and twice sorted by hand, the grapes go through the classical crushing and fermentation. Ten- to 20-percent of the juice is bled off (saignee) before maceration to increase the skin-to-juice ratio. There is minimal French and American oak aging in an effort to keep fruit fresh, lively and prominent, with a further one month's aging in bottle.


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