Kazkar Cashew Feni

SKU : 11007

Size : 750 ml

Type : Feni

Producer : Kazkar

Tags: India, Spirits


There are 2 types of Feni’s Cashew feni and Coconut feni. Cashew feni is distilled out of the juice of the cashew apples, whereas Coconut Feni is distilled from the toddy collected of the coconut trees. 

The traditional method of making cashew feni is by the pot still method. The Aroma of Feni is an integral part of the drink, it is generally preferred straight up (with a squeeze of lime) or mixed with soda or 7-Up (Sprite) or Cola. It is also a versatile base that can be used for many cocktails. 

Just as much as the best wines and white spirits have their base in natural products, so too does feni. Scotch is a product of barley and, of course, the unique water of the Scottish lakes, and Champagne a product of the finest grapes of the Champagne district in France, so is Feni the pure fermented juice of the cashew apple and there is just as much romance and ritual to the growing, harvesting and distillation of Feni.


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