Kappa Pisco 1985

SKU : 17569

Size : 750 ml

Vintage : 1985

Type : Brandy

Producer : Kappa

Tags: Chile, Spirits


KAPPA is the latest spirit from the renowned Marnier Lapostolle family, producers of world-class Grand Marnier and Lapostolle wines. Experts spent years embracing the lush terroir of Chile's mystical Elqui Valley to produce the ultimate Pisco.

Kappa is an ultra-premium artisan spirit named after the star in the Southern Cross constellation which is known for its stunning beauty. Pisco is an un-oaked grape brandy produced with two varietals of the aromatic Muscat grape: Rose and Alexandria Muscat. The taste is an enticing combination of diverse, subtle flavors - Mandarin orange peel, anise, grapefruit and jasmine. The finish lingers with floral rose petals, a touch of menthol and verbena. The flavors are truly amazing and the bottle is spectacular.

The people behind the Grand Marnier orange liqueur created this Chilean pisco made with two types of aromatic grapes. Look for a complex, berry like taste with a richly layered finish.


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