Dow's Vintage Port 1985

SKU : 50312

Size : 750 ml

Vintage : 1985

Type : Port

Producer : Dow's

Tags: Douro, Portugal, Red Wine, Vintage Clearance


Excellent ruby color, with rich and complex aromas of mature berry fruit and hints of spices. On the palate good fruit flavors, fullbodied, excellent round tannins and a long lingering finish.

Dow’s 1985 Vintage Port wonderfully with strong cheeses like creamy Blue Stilton or Aged Cheddar but can also be enjoyed on itsown. Port is best served in classic Port wine glassware or White Wine glasses. Avoid cordial or liqueur glasses as they are too small to fully appreciate the wine’s aromas.

Stand the bottle upright 20-30 minutes before you intend to decant. Pull the cork slowly and steadily. Clean the neck of the bottle. Hold the bottle horizontally, and begin to pour the winesteadily into a clean and rinsed decanter. Once you have started pouring do not stop until you see the very first traces of sedimentbegin to appear out of the bottle. You may prefer to use a decanting funnel with filter.


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