Barbancourt White Rhum

SKU : 14537

Size : 750 ml

Type : Rum

Producer : Barbancourt

Tags: Haiti, Spirits


Rhum Barbancourt of Haiti is known the world over as "the rum of connoisseurs". Made from the juice of sugar cane, the production of Rhum Barbancourt follows a centuries-old tradition that grew from the French methods of creating cognac and brandy.Unparalleled in quality and taste, Rhum Barbancourt is distilled from hand-cut, locally grown sugar cane juice - never molasses; It is double distilled in pot stills; Aged in white oak barrels to yield a spirit that has been called "one of the finest rums in the world".



Food Pairings:
Barbancourt rum should not be mixed with Coca Cola. Its taste, comparable to a cognac, should be savored without alteration. Unlike white rums, the aged Barbancourt products, acquire the superb parfum of after-meal drinks. Even in the Caribbean, where discussions over the quality of local rums often turn into patriotic debates, Barbancourt stands out: it is simply different.


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