Tasting Events

Come join us at our warehouse in Milpitas for an educational tasting on select Tuesdays. The events are hosted by our Wine Director, Martin Reyes and in partnership with fantastic distributors and wineries in the area. Join our Meetup Group (www.meetup.com/wineglobe) to RSVP. All our events require RSVPs due to the limited space. 

Upcoming Events:

Tue Aug 1st - French Wine Tasting: We'll open some fantastic red wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone Valley and explore these regions. RSVP Here.

Tue, Aug 15th - Varietal Blind Tasting: This will be a fun blind tasting featuring the popular varietals of cabernet, merlot, zinfandel, syrah, pinot, and malbec. Will be a fun way to explore the differences in the varietals. 

Tue, Aug 29th - Whiskey Tasting: Taste some fantastic whiskies from around the world including Scotland, India, Japan, Ireland and the US. 

Tue, Sept 12 - US Regions: Explore wines from some of the famous areas of the United States and the differences between the regions. Includes Napa, Washington and Oregon. 

Tue, Sept 19 - Wine Tasting: Format TBD

Tue, Oct 3 - Italian Wine Tasting: Tasting focused on some of the famous varietals in Italy including Sangiovese, Barbera, and Nebbiolo.

Tue, Oct 17 - Wine Tasting: Format TBD

Tue, Nov 7 - Wiskey Tasting: Unique tasting of different types of whiskies including single malt and bourbons. Learn about the differences in your favorite regional whiskies. 

Tue, Nov 21 - Champagne Tasting: Champagne tasting with some of the notable houses. Great way to educate yourself for the holidays.

Tue, Dec 5 - Napa Tasting: Format TBD

Tue, Dec 12 - Vodka Tasting: Taste some fantastic small production distilleries along with recipes for the perfect holiday signature drink.