Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a particular wine? 
Our inventory online is accurate so if you see it online, we have it. If you don't see it online email and we can try to track it down or special order.

Can I pick up wines from your warehouse?
Yes. You can pick up any wine you see on our website at our warehouse. The easiest is to order online and select "Pick up at Warehouse" option. Our team will email you when the order is ready. We also accept all major credit cards in the warehouse if you just wanted to browse. Please ping us at if you plan to visit us. Our sommelier at the warehouse on Tuesday.

Do you support corporate orders or weddings?
Yes, we have worked with many companies around the Bay Area (Google, Yahoo, Cisco etc). We supply wines for tasting events, host a tasting, custom labels, engraving, and gift baskets. Email us at or visit our corporate page.

Can you hold my order until the weather is better?
Absolutely! Just include your request in the notes field at checkout or ping us at orders@wineglobe.

How is your wine stored?
We store all our higher end wine (over $25) in a temperature controlled cellar on wine racks or in the original crate on its side.

I see older vintages and want to know where it was purchased?
All our older vintage wines were purchased originally by Wine Globe from the winery or distributor. We do not buy from auctions.

How do you ship? 
Our wines are shipped in UPS/Fedex certified wine shippers (molded to bottle including pulp and styrofoam). See our shipping policy

Do you accept returns?
By law we cannot accept wine back after it leaves our warehouse but we will work hard to resolve any customer service issues including damage. See our shipping policy