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Ultimate Johnnie Walker Sample Pack - Red, Black, Green, Gold, Blue
 Johnnie Walker Ultimate Sample Pack - Red, Black, Gold Reserve,Platinum, Blue
750ml Size, Scotland 
Johnnie Walker Ultimate Sample Pack - Red, Black, Gold Reserve,Platinum, Blue
Special Price: $445.00
Suggested Retail Price: $499.00

Availability: Usually ships the same business day if order placed before 3 pm PST

Item #: 88003

Product Notes:
Calling all Whisky fans! Presenting the Ultimate Johnnie Walker Sample Pack

Included in this pack is one 750mL bottle of each of the following: Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Johnnie Walker Platinum (New), Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve (New), Johnnie Walker Black Label, and Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Johnnie Walker is consistently a top-seller at WineGlobe, and we are now offering all of these whiskies together for a low price.

Red Label: Johnnie Walker Red Label is a rich, full-bodied blend of up to 35 of the finest aged single malt and grain whiskies. Bursting with character and flavor, it's the favorite of millions of people all over the world.

Its vibrancy makes it perfect for mixing - something few other spirits can do without losing their true character.

Red Label was first unveiled in 1906 by Alexander Walker as a powerful combination of spicy, smoky malts and and lngering, lighter grains. He called it "Special Old Highland Whisky." In 1909, Alexander renamed it "Johnnie Walker Red Label" in deference to his consumers who were already using 'Red Label' as shorthand when ordering the brand.

Tasting Notes:
-Distinctive smoke and sweet spice flavors, with a hint of vanilla -Direct and fresh, with a powerful smoky malt -Full and appetising, with a distinctive spicy burst

Black Label: An acclaimed masterpiece of blending craftsmanship, the rich and smooth Johnnie Walker Black Label is an award-winning blend.

With a depth and complexity drawn from over 40 select whiskies, including the fresh fruitiness of Glendullan, the opulent Mortlach, the earthy Talisker and the creamy vanillan Cameron Brig, Black is at once powerful, intriguing and unassailably elegant. Small wonder it was Sir Winston Churchill's whisky of choice.

Jim Murray, author of "Whisky Bible" says:

"Each day I have some 6,000 whiskies to choose from for a social dram if I want one. And at least once a week I will sample a Black Label. While the single malt revolution continues unabated, it is a shame that whisky lovers do not use this as a yardstick. They will find that very few malts can match this for complexity. This is the Savoy, the Everest of Deluxe Whiskies: there is not a blender who would not give their right arm - or even their left one - for the recipe of this supreme whisky. The trouble is, even if they had it, they would then struggle to find the stock. It represents probably the best value for money of any whisky in the world.

Tasting Notes:
-Deep, bold and smooth flavor with a gentle smoky finish -Packed with rich smoky malt, peat and sherry fruitiness -Complex aromas - dry smokiness mixed with raisin sweetness, freshened by orange zest and citrus oils.

Gold Label Reserve: Gold Label Reserve is a multi-layered blend, with balanced fruits and creaminess evolving into honeyed tones that finish in waves of wood and light smoke. Best enjoyed with soda, this vibrant blend is perfect for celebration, landmark moments, or any spirited occasion shared with friends and family.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label: Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is a supremely rich, contemporary 18 yr. blend characterized by a sweet yet elegant Speyside style and subtle Islay smokiness. It is a delicate smoky blend.

Blue Label:

A blend of our rarest malts and most superior grains, matured to their peak, Johnnie Walker Blue Label represents our highest achievement.

Blue Label recreates the flavors of the Walkers' early whiskies, in a bottle that also takes its design from the 19th century. Every single component of this exceptional blend has been handpicked from exclusive distilleries, some of which are no longer in existence. We draw these components from extraordinary casks, usually one in every two million. As soon as they're discovered, they're set aside for Blue Label and matured until their absolute peak - however long that may take.

Charles MacLean, Scotland's foremost whisky writer: "Blue Label was created to celebrate the traditional style of 19th century whiskies. The result is a whisky with a velvety-smooth mouthfeel that gives an explosion of flavors on the palate. It is the epitome of the art of blending and has won more gold medals for excellence than any other super premium whisky. To achvieve this award-winning flavor requires exceptional skills and very special, rare whiskies that are superlative examples of their make."

Tasting Notes:
-Velvety smooth, mellow taste with traces of smoke, honey and sweet spice -Foral with hints of toffee, sandalwood and chocolate -Well-balanced, long and intense

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