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 Bushmills Irish Whiskey Set
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Product Notes:
This is the base of the distillery's portfolio and it is a great bottle to have in stock for "everyday" use. Bushmills Original is a blend of triple distilled malt whisky and a light Irish grain whiskey that is aged for at least 5 years in used American bourbon an Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. The inviting whiskey is rich with spicy vanilla and oak notes that beg to be mixed in almost any drink you can think of. Favorites have to be an Irish Coffee and Everybody's Irish.

Bushmill irish whiskey 750ml The original and best known irish whiskey from the "Old bushmill" Distillery. It is an 80-proof premium blended irish whiskey; bushmill a blend of single malt and single grain whiskeys.

Bushmill single malt irish whiskey 10 years bushmill malt is a single malt whiskey. It ages for a minimum of 10 years in select bourbon oak casks and a select number of Oloroso sherry casks.

Bushmill irish whiskey 16 years bushmill Malt 16 Years Old is a premium, rare single Irish malt whiskey. Unique "Three Wood" finishing adds elements of depth and flavor to the already clean, non-smoky taste of bushmill Malt Irish Whiskey.

Black bush irish whiskey Developed in 1934 and originally called Old bushmill Special Old Liqueur Whiskey. A single malt whiskey is married with a single grain whiskey to round out the flavor. Aged in sherry oak casks for nine to 11 years, for distinctive, full-bodied flavor.

Bushmills Irish Whisky 21Yrs Old 750ml:Bushmills was first granted their license to distill 400 years ago this year (2008) and so have released the limited-edition "1608" to mark the anniversary. Distilled with crystal malt—a special malted barley called "crystal" because of its bead-like appearance. Regardless of whether its crystal or diamond cut, this whisky still delivers the exceptional smoothness and sweet toffee-like notes you expect from Bushmills. Creamy and mouthfilling with lots of raspberry and currant fruit, this is a great Irish whisky for the collector. A blend of three different types of whiskey—malt whiskey, grain whiskey, and a third component which is said to be a malt whiskey produced from crystal malt. Brewers and homebrewers will know crystal malt well, being a slightly caramelized version of malted barley. Its rich texture suggests a decent malt content for a blend. Layers of sweetness (honeyed vanilla, rummy molasses, toasted marshmallow) are balanced by toasted nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate. Very dynamic and with plenty of grit. Smartly bottled at 46% ABV.

Food Pairing:
Cocktail enthusiasts have been looking to the past for inspiration for some time now. The Buck "cocktail family" is defined by having a base spirit, ginger ale or ginger beer and citrus (generally in the form of a lime squeeze). The Dark and Stormy and Moscow Mule are both classic examples of the Buck family (Mule also being another term used to describe these drinks). With the Bushmills Irish Buck, the sweet and smooth taste of Irish whiskey is paired with the spice notes of ginger and just a touch of acid from the lime squeeze. This cocktail is easy to make at home and any bartender worth his or her salt should also be able to make you a Bushmills Irish Buck without any trouble.


1 1/2 ounces Bushmills Irish Whiskey 1/4 ounce Fresh Lime Juice 2 ounces Ginger Ale Preparation:

Combine Bushmills and Lime Juice over ice in a Collins glass. Top with ginger ale or ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel.

About Varietal:
Single malt whisky is a whisky which is distilled at a single distillery, and which is made completely from a single type of malted grain, traditionally barley, (although there are also single malt rye whiskies). Most single malt whiskies are distilled using a pot still. Single malts are produced all over the world, but the best known single malts come from Scotland, Ireland and Japan.

Tequila Shot
Take a wedge of lemon and rub it on your hand between your index finger and your thumb. As an alternative to using the lemon, you can lick your hand.
Sprinkle salt on the wet spot.
Lick the salt.
Shoot the shot.
Bite the lemon.

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